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Why Get Married

Sub-atomic Nanotechnology and Literature Envision a reality where you could have anything you needed. Gold? Here it is. Another vehicle? ...

Tuesday, August 25, 2020

Why Get Married

Sub-atomic Nanotechnology and Literature Envision a reality where you could have anything you needed. Gold? Here it is. Another vehicle? Voila. Precious stones? Gracious, here, if it's not too much trouble have a portion of mine, there's additional in the back. Obviously, this isn't our reality at the present, yet it may be the universe of things to come. Sub-atomic nanotechnology will have the option to give whatever one needs or needs, for nothing or for a little measure of installment. In any case, it won't just influence business and material merchandise. It will influence medication, war and weaponry, law authorization, undercover work, amusement, removal of waste and trash, and even writing. Writing will maybe be influenced in a more prominent manner than one may might suspect. Be that as it may, before I get to that, let me clarify what, precisely, atomic nanotechnology is. In l 959, Nobel Prize-winning physicist Richard Feynman set forth a thought. His thought was that anything could be produced using the ground up, out of individual particles or atoms. This is nanotechnology: the working or control of individual iotas or atoms, each in turn, and situating and arranging them decisively and over and again, until enough aggregated to shape a huge scope, usable substance. Feynman didn't name it and blueprint the science, be that as it may. This was finished by K. Eric Drexler. In the 1970's, the point at which he was an understudy at MIT, Drexler concocted a thought of nanotechnology, and illustrated its potential employments. He believed that on the off chance that one had the capacity or innovation to work with singular iotas and atoms, at that point one could make a crate that would change basic materials into hamburger. It sounds peculiar, however that was the real trick. The thought was that you could open the entryway, hurl in some stuff, work the c ontrols, and two hours or so later: out moves some new hamburger. It sounds odd on the grounds that we are encouraged that meat originates from cows, not from a case of grass clippings and old tennis shoe insoles. Be that as it may, it truly bodes well. Steers utilize just a couple of materials when making meat: grass, air, water, daylight. At the point when they are processing that garbage, they are only revising the particles to frame trademark examples of hamburger. The main genuine distinction between the techniques for meat creation of dairy animals and Drexler's container is that bovines make hamburger utilizing proteins and fluids, where responsive operators haphazardly impact, and Drexler's crate makes meat precisely. Drexler states that the particles and molecules would need to be controlled by small, little robots, generally alluded to as constructing agents.

Saturday, August 22, 2020

Women As Second-Class Citizens an Example by

Ladies As Second-Class Citizens History has been the essential observer to sex correspondence. Indeed, even some time before, sooner than the occasions when other all the more remarkable nations colonized countries, men have been more predominant than ladies. I have seen that in my secondary school history class, even the crude individuals who lived in caverns and chased for food has viewed men as mightier than the females of their clan. Possibly it isn't completely gotten a handle on in their vague language, however their practices show everything. Men meander in unfamiliar woodlands to chase for food. Ladies remain together to take care of the youngsters. This pattern is still very being followed today, the same number of consider it a custom for ladies to remain at home and attendant the kids. Need exposition test on Ladies As Second-Class Citizens theme? We will compose a custom exposition test explicitly for you Continue This circumstance considers ladies as minority gatherings. All the more mercilessly, ladies are being alluded to as peons in numerous nations. They are viewed as second rate and more vulnerable than men. Ladies are not given heavier jobs in the public arena. Ladies are continually molded to accept that they don't reserve a privilege to a supposition, to be politically dynamic, to stand up (OCarroll, 1992). These days however, there are numerous liberal womens bunch who constantly battle for equivalent rights with men. Some corporate organizations recruit just male workers for specific situations, with the rule that men improve occupations. This by itself might be a straightforward declaration that ladies are being passed judgment on dependent on sexual orientation, not on capacities. As indicated by a report by the Womens Foundation of Minnesota, ladies are prominently missing from chosen office. Actually, no lady of shading has ever held statewide elective office or spoken to Minnes ota in Congress (refered to in Westhoff). Here, it isn't simply sex that speaks to the reason for out of line analysis yet skin shading too. UNICEF gives disturbing realities about savagery and victimization ladies. It said that approximately 60 million ladies are missing today in light of sexual orientation segregation, prevalently in South and West Asia, China and North America. In the United States lady is truly mishandled by her cozy accomplice at regular intervals. Tossing corrosive to distort a womans face is so regular in Bangladesh that it warrants its own segment of the punitive code. More than 1 million youngsters, overwhelmingly female, are constrained into prostitution consistently, the larger part in Asia (Bunch). Bosnian ladies are underrepresented in government organizations and state organizations. The ladies in Bosnia who were left with handicaps by the war face twofold segregation (Savage). A lady in Russia gets an opportunity to be nearly anything, with the exception of a lady (refered to in Barson, 1992). These insights infer that an ever increasing number of ladies are disregarded, considered sex slav es, and more since men may have assumptions that ladies are frail, inadequate, and resemble their properties to be utilized. In addition, we may never know yet there might be such huge numbers of unreported arguments anyplace about savagery against ladies. All things considered, ladies these days are viewed as more fortunate than the individuals who lived a very long time previously. Sooner or later, there are additionally numerous social orders who give high respect to ladies, as good and noble individuals equivalent to men in keenness and abilities. In any case, it is still very obvious and verifiable that a generous bit of society shows the treatment of ladies as just optional to men. I for one accept that people must not be dealt with distinctively or with predispositions, as it were that they are both made by God in His picture and similarity. They are both fit for doing incredible and splendid things. Individuals must not condemn others in light of sex. Truly, a few females may submit botches in their lives normally they are individuals, much the same as men. Be that as it may, this isn't a ground for thinking about ladies as unacceptable. There have been numerous occasions that they have demonstrated their value and capability. Along these lines, there isn't sufficient explanation; rather, there is no explanation at all to put ladies under abuse as a result of their sexual orientation. Men, and ladies moreover, must be dealt with and given regard similarly simply like some other person would need to be valued. References Barson, M. (1992). Preferable Red Over Dead: A Nostalgic Look at the Golden Years of Russia Phobia, Red-goading, and Other Commie Madness. New York: Hyperion. Pack, C. The Intolerable Status Quo: Violence Against Women and Girls. Ladies Commentary. OCarroll, A. Sex, Class and the Queen of England. Laborers Solidarity, 36. 1992. Savage, B. (2006, May 23). Worldwide Rights. Wetshoff, K. (2005, March 23). Peons: Minnesotas Women of Color Are Being Left Behind. Womens Press.

Sunday, August 9, 2020

Why Some Academics Hate Twitter, Part II Richmond Writing

Why Some Academics Hate Twitter, Part II Richmond Writing Location: Ensconced Before My Walls of Books image above is not my office! In Into the Electronic Millennium, a chapter in the very readable and depressing The Gutenberg Elegies, Sven Birkerts laments that our culture of connectedness and instant access destroys something that helike many Humanities faculty I know on campuscherish: the contemplative life as reflected in the slow, thoughtful, and reflective reading of challenging books: Curricula will be streamlined and simplified, and difficult texts will be pruned and glossed. Fewer and fewer people will be able to contend with the masterworks of literature or ideas. Joyce, Woolf, James, and the rest will go unread, and the civilizing energies of their prose will circulate aimlessly between closed covers. Enter Twitter, with its 140 character tweets, and you have exhibit A for the decline of civilized life as we know it (or maybe we have exhibit Rthe lamentations have been going on for a while). I set out here not to skewer Birkerts or my cyberphobic colleagues. Instead, while reaching to an audience that accepts Web 2.0 tools like Twitter, I want to point out the nature of the cultural decay Birkerts catalogs: Language Erosion: Nuance gets lost as we shorten our prose, substitute little words for big ones, and lose touch with the origins of words and our cultural history. The Flattening of Historical Perspectives: Neil Postmans belief that we live in a and now, this! culture of consumption and gratification. The Waning of the Private Self: Expectations of 24/7 access, quick replies, and easy answers at our fingertips lead us suspect the introspective person, the loner, the dawdler. And, Professor Birkerts, I agree with you, even as I post a tweet and log on to Second Life. I too fear a future like that of M.T. Andersons Feed, a dark satire of a consumerist culture out of control where vagaries such as thing and stuff are about the most complex terms in the language, where the Internet is in our heads and not outside them, and where no one remembers much of anything from before the globe became a deadzone of toxic waste-sites. My students read less and less for pleasure. Most take the easiest path in their studies and even crossing campus. They even fight the difficulties of learning the non-intuitive interface of SL. In fact, many of them seem to want a eternal early-June day of temperatures in the mid-80s, low humidity, and someone else to cut the grass they sit on with their friends. In time they may, in another reference in your book, become efficient and prosperous information managers living in the shallows of what it means to be human and not knowing the difference. That is Andersons vision of a time just before the Great Collapse of American life. Twitter alone wont make that future arrive, especially if we academics appropriate (ah, Marx, thanks for that verb) it for noble ends. So how do we Fight the Feed while using it to keep our cherished ways of learning alive? Good news, Humanists: you still have a mission. Next Up: Part IIIMy Sermon To Humanists

Saturday, May 23, 2020

Plato And Aristotle s Views On Political Philosophy Essay

Introduction: The term â€Å"Political Philosophy† is a normative study of state, government, relationships between individual and communities, laws, rights and justice. It depends on the philosophers that can be entangled with ethics, economics and also metaphysics. Political thinkers are the pioneers of â€Å"Modern Politics† in the world. The first serious political thinkers emerged in Greece. Plato and Aristotle are two great philosophers of ancient Greece. Plato in his book â€Å"The Republic† delivers the concept of utopian society which means an imaginary society in which people live in a perfect environment governed by the laws that provides happiness to everyone. Plato gives the concept of an â€Å"Ideal State† in his book, where the justice, education, â€Å"Ideal Man† and the best form of government are described. According to Plato, the state is like a human being which consists of three elements- reason, spirit, and appetite. And state should be made of three things-Philosophers, Soldiers and Workers. Plato’s ruler is known as the â€Å"Philosopher King† who represents reason. He makes law but he is above law. But Aristotle liked to live in reality. He discovered that the existing society has to be changed (Novelguide, 2014). He mentioned government as the instrument of the state. According to him the formation of city-state is organic. In a state the government can be formed according to people s birth, number and wealth. Aristotle mainly puts emphasis on the institutions of the state.Show MoreRelatedPlato s Interpretation Of Utopia1630 Words   |  7 PagesPlato and Aristotle shared many differences despite also sharing a teacher student relationship. This essay will strive to establish their understandings of reason and the role reason plays in their comprehensions of politics, differentiating between the kinds of reason and politics produced as a result. Plato is regarded as the first writer of political philosophy while Aristotle is recognised as the first political scientist. Plato’s interpretation of Utopia is founded upon the existence of threeRead MorePolitical Philosophy, By Steven Cahn1197 Words   |  5 PagesIn Steven Cahn s book, Political Philosophy, The Essential Texts, philosophers such as Socrates, Plato, Aristotle, Hobbes, Locke and Rousseau created the circumstances to enable the fundamental principals of philosophy and politics. These knowledgeable, astute and significant men have helped to achieve the structure of our past and present democracy as well as a plan of action for the rights and values that we as citizens can all relate to today. They are grounded in their thinking and tied togetherRead MorePlato And Aristotle s Views On Life794 Words   |  4 PagesAnalogy of Plato and Aristotle Aristotle and Plato were each great intellectual however their views on life are totally different. Plato was born round the year 428 BCE in Athens. (Plato) Plato was then introduce to was introduced to philosophy by Socrates in 469-399 B.C.( Plato)Who then became is mentor, however Socrates died , however shortly after his mentor die he had an an inspiration to induce his into politics this then lead him to be educated in Mediterranean. Plato then startedRead MoreThe Ideal Society As Suggested By Plato993 Words   |  4 PagesThe ideal society as suggested by Plato is composed of three classes: the producers, the auxiliaries, and the guardians. The producers are the craftsmen, farmers etc.; the auxiliaries are the warriors/soldiers; and the guardians are the rulers. This hierarchy places the rulers at the top of the food chain followed by the auxiliaries with the producers at the bottom. In this society, each group is required to perform is appropriate function and only that function. It is the rulers’ job to rule,Read MoreHistorical Events That Took Place During The Classical Period1458 Words   |  6 PagesWorld Literature I Historically Significant Influences of Aristotle During the Classical Period, 500-232 BCE, Greece was at the peak of its political and cultural achievement. This was also a time of war, most noteworthy being the vast empire created by Alexander the Great. In a period containing such an immense amount of historical significance there is no doubting that it had influenced the people born. Notorious philosopher Aristotle is no exception, contributing a great deal to the fields ofRead MorePersonal Philosophy : Al Farabi1684 Words   |  7 PagesAl Farabi’s philosophy was heavily influenced by Greek philosophy just like how western philosophy was influenced by Greek philosophy. Specifically, Aristotle, Plato, and Socrates were the main Greek influencers of Al Farabi. Al Farabi as well as Ibn Sina have been recognized as Peripatetics or rationalists. The best known Arabic source for Al Farabi s political philosophy is his work titled The Virtuous City. In many of Al Farabi’s philosophical works the practical use of philosophy is a majorRead MorePlato, Nietzsche, And Aristotles Theory Of Political Philosophy1670 Words   |  7 Pages Political theory is the study of concepts that allows for the analytical study of relationships between political institutions. Over the centuries, political theorists have established renditions of what political theory is. This essay will focus on Plato, Nietzsche, and Aristotle, and their works, which respectively define the concepts of the common good and the significance of philosophers to the welfare of the state, self-deceiving intellect and the power of authority over our intellectualRead MorePlato Vs Aristotle On Politics And Philosophy1899 Words   |  8 PagesPlato versus Aristotle Plato and Aristotle, two philosophers in the 4th century, hold polar views on politics and philosophy in general. This fact is very cleverly illustrated by Raphael s School of Athens (1510-11; Stanza della Segnatura, Vatican), where Plato is portrayed looking up to the higher forms; and Aristotle is pointing down because he supports the natural sciences. In a discussion of politics, the stand point of each philosopher becomes an essential factor. It is not coincidental thatRead MoreComparing Aristotle and Plato Essays1325 Words   |  6 PagesComparing Aristotle and Plato Aristotle argues that in order for a polis to emerge, a union between man and women must convene. Later a household must be introduced which unites with other households to form a village, villages come together to form city-states. This theory is Aristotle’s natural view that an individual can not be self sufficient Plato argues that, in order to achieve absolute justice, a city-state is needed. In The Republic, Plato builds around the idea of Philosopher RulersRead MorePlatos Influence on the Western Civilization950 Words   |  4 Pages Plato and His Relation to Western Civilization Plato is one of the succinct psychologists, analyst, and scholar the world has ever had. He is a lucrative figure in the birth, generation, and early development of the western civilization. His contributions through ethics, politics, religion, symposiums, and dialogues with Socrates exemplify a myriad of his works since he was a young scholar. He participated in a number of events, theoretical appearances, and analysis, and posting of theories

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Essay On Hate Speech - 1784 Words

Ever since its inception, the internet has been praised by many for its global nature and major features, including virtually unrestricted information flow, unlimited communication possibilities, anonymity, and free speech. Unfortunately, such an open concept of the World Wide Web leaves it open to a wide range of exploitation; namely, in the era of social media platforms, created specifically to facilitate conversation among the users, one of the most common forms of abuse is hate speech. Due to the complexity of the term itself and many legal and practical issues, regulating such content online is proven to be difficult. However, while the offenders hide behind their constitutional right to free speech and the anonymity of the internet,†¦show more content†¦Furthermore, due to its diversity, not all online hate speech is considered a punishable offense; not surprisingly, even if it is regulated by law, the sanctions for it currently range from mild to nonexistent. To provide a broader understanding of the phenomenon, in their 2016 research, Silva et al. focus on identifying the main targets of online hate in two major social media systems: Whisper and Twitter. Defining hate speech as â€Å"any offense motivated, in whole or in a part, by the offender’s bias against an aspect of a group of people,† the authors determine that such a content includes basic hate crimes such as race, gender, ethnicity, sexual orientation, and disability, but also specific behavioral and physical aspects that are not illegal but simply harmful (688). Analyzing one-year data gathered from Whisper and Twitter and cross-referencing their findings with Hatebase, an online repository of hate speech, Silva et al. identify ten main categories of hate targets: race (black or white people); behavior (insecure, sensitive); physical (obese, but also beautiful); sexual orientation (gay, straight); class (ghetto, rich); gender (pregnant,Show MoreRelatedHate Speech Essay1246 Words   |  5 PagesHatespeech Hate Speech and the People who use it Hate speech; is this the type of speech that the First Amendment protects? Should this type of speech be defended? If this type of speech is censored on college campuses, have the students lost their right to the First Amendment? What kind of damage does hate speech cause physical and emotional? Who does hate speech affect? Is hate speech protected by the first amendment? According to Charles R. Lawrence III, it is not. â€Å"When racist speech takesRead MoreLimitations On The Right To Hate Speech Essay1733 Words   |  7 PagesIn this essay I will be discussing the limitations on the right to freedom of expression (FOE) in regards to hate speech under Article 10 (Art. 10) in the case law of the European Court of Human Rights (ECtHR). Under Art. 10 it allows us the right to a FOE that allows us to hold an idea and ensures we are able to freely express our opinions and thoughts, however, there are certain limitations that prevent us from freely disclosing our opinions which is a crucial part to protect our democratic societyRead MoreFree Speech vs. Hate Speech Essay1362 Words   |  6 Pageshistory, the United States Constitution has been put to the test over the issue of free speech. The First Amendment states, Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances. Even though free speech is one of the core American values proudly embedded in each citizen, some poopAmericansRead MorePersuasive Essay On Hate Speech1612 Words   |  7 Pages In the name of free speech, hate speech should not be tolerated. Hate speech has devastating effects on the people and communities it is targeted at. Left unchecked hate speech can lead to harmful and violent effects. Over the past few years, the effects of hate speech used on women, homosexuals, ethnic groups and religious minorities have become more and more apparent. Hate speech can be very divisive in many of the situations it is used, depending on who interprets the expression can vary howRead MoreEssay on On the Issue of Hate Speech1193 Words   |  5 PagesAlmost all Americans today have heard of the First Amendment and its protection of free speech. This protection allows a free exchange of ideas among the members of society. Without it, Americans would not be able to voice their criticisms against anything without having a fear of being arrested. However, in the past, the government has limited this fundamental right several times. During World War I, Charles Schenck passed out fliers criticizing the national draft. He was arrested, and the SupremeRead MoreThe Constitutionality of Hate Speech Essay3494 Words   |  14 PagesIn order to reduce the astonishing number of hate crimes in the United States, the Federal Government should restrict hate speech, and the expressions of hateful ideas, in all its forms, in all places, both public and private. However, it is imperative that hate speech be defined first. Contrary to some opinions, it is possible to accurately define hate speech, because hate speech does not actually have many elusive forms. Hate speech includes fighting words as defined in Chaplinsky vs. New HampshireRead MoreFree Speech vs Hate Speech Essay1 647 Words   |  7 PagesFree Speech vs. Harmful Hate Speech Freedom of speech is instilled at the beginning of the Bill of Rights and it allows citizens of the United States to express their opinions without being afraid of what might happen to them, much like in other countries. Many times people are directly or indirectly harmed by others’ actions that are considered a right under the freedom of speech clause. Though, some people worry that if we do not allow for complete freedom of speech, it is hard to figure outRead MoreFree Speech Vs Hate Speech Essay769 Words   |  4 PagesFree speech versus hate speech is a very widespread debate as there are convincing arguments on both sides that are very compelling. Although there are many points commonly used to back up the argument that are false and inaccurate. All Americans have a right to freedom of religion, speech, press, petition, and assembly as depicted in the first amendment, but the exceptions to freedom of speech have never directly been acknowledged by the U.S. Supreme Court . The common slippery-slope argument forRead MoreEssay on Hate Speech - Legal, but Unnecessary1376 Words   |  6 PagesHate Speech - Legal, but Unnecessary nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;While a clear and concise definition remains forthcoming, it is easier to establish what hate speech is not. Hate speech is wrong but legal in the United States of America mostly because we have the freedom of speech. But the First Amendment exists precisely to protect the most offensive and controversial speech from government suppression. In this case, people are allowed to use hate speech and not get arrested or any legal actionsRead MoreHate Speech Should Not Be Restricted at Universities Essay1333 Words   |  6 Pageshistory, the United States Constitution has been put to the test over the issue of free speech. The First Amendment states, Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances. Even though free speech is one of the core Ame rican values proudly embedded in each citizen, some poopAmericans

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Victory Dance of the Lotha Nagas Free Essays

VICTORY DANCE Rhanthungo Kikon INTRODUCTION: LOTHAS of TSUNGIKI village performed this dance in the days of old when young warriors from a CHUMPO (popularly known as MORUNG) visited other CHUMPOS in the different KHELS of the village. For the young warriors, this Victory Dance acted both as a fit reminder of the great victories their forefathers had over their enemies and also as an inspiration for them to replicate in the future. It was a time to take pride from their past achievements and to encourage and dare each other for the days to come. We will write a custom essay sample on Victory Dance of the Lotha Nagas or any similar topic only for you Order Now It prepared them for the future. Those were the days†¦ THE DANCE: Now, the present generation performs the Victory Dance on all occasions. But the spirit and zeal of the warriors performing this dance remain as spirited and as full of fervour since times immemorial. Behold! All the young warriors are out of the CHUMPOS bedecked in all their ornamental fineries. Among them include the round black head-wigs made of the long hair from the neck and shoulders of the Himalayan black bear, or of the fur of the arms of the male gibbon. On the head-wigs, as warriors of proven valours, are stuck in the feathers of the great bird, the Hornbill. On their arms, they have wristlets, bracelets and elbow armlets made of parts of sawn-off tubes of elephants’ tusks. Across their shoulders are thrown over colourful baldric-like woven strips of cloths. Joined to the end of the baldrics at the waist are the spikes’ holders – the spikes were used during raids over enemy camps. Kneecaps, the LENGTA and the colourfully decorated daos and spears complete their attire. Now the young warriors will go around dancing in two rows to finally make a circle. Singing along and shouting loud cries as they stamp their feet, twirl their daos and spears, they make the circle – an indication of having surrounded their enemies. When they have their enemies surrounded, they thrust up their spears and dare each other not to let any enemy warrior escape from their individual posts or positions. THE SHANTHA: An exciting, and perhaps the most important, part of the Victory dance is the SHANTHA. The name ‘Victory Dance’ rightly belongs to this part-dance within the dance. The SHANTHA is performed by four of the most-abled warriors. This group acts as the Escort of the warriors. It also is the rearguard and flanks protection of the warriors. The SHANTHA warriors are also wont to perform many skills and antics. Among them is the biting and holding of their daos on the blunt sides as they hop along – it is actually an oath-taking pledge not to die in enemies’ hands. They will also take a stance and hop forwards and backwards challenging their enemies making it clear what they will do to them with their daos and spears. How to cite Victory Dance of the Lotha Nagas, Papers

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Essay Strategic Management

Question: Write an essay about the strategic management. Answer: 1.0 Introduction Strategic management is about identifying and describing the strategies that a manager of the organization should carry out to better achieving performance and bringing competitive advantage over the competitors (Chakrabarti and Sahoo 2014). The organization that is chosen for this study is University of the Sunshine Coast, which is popular university in Australia providing wide range of learning courses and place their students in international organizations. The study will describe the vision, mission and goal of the organization. Internal and external analysis of this university will also be described in term of SWOT, Porter 6 force and PESTLE analysis. The study will also describe the business level strategy and corporate level strategy of the university. Apart from that, the study will also describe three functional level strategies, structure and culture of the study. A financial analysis of the university will also be demonstrated in this study. 2.0 Vision, Mission and Goal 2.1 Vision The Vision of University of the Sunshine Coast is to be a University of the International standing that will be the driver of capacity building of sunshine coast and broader region and an unsurpassed community asset (Usc.edu.au 2016). 2.2 Mission The mission of University of the Sunshine Coast is to be the top international university through providing education of five stars quality. The core mission of this university is to provide personalized and inclusive support with combination with effective programs for allowing the students ample of opportunities in educational life (Usc.edu.au 2016). The university is also aimed at providing work integrated learning, opportunities of overseas learning and entrepreneurship. 2.3 Goal Engaging students and fostering their learning Being the best international university with regards to educational quality Proving wide range and collaborative learning in which knowledge can be explored and tested Respecting and supporting individual development of the student Discovering new ways of developing students through play (Zott and Amit 2013) 3.0 Internal Analysis 3.1 Strength Strength of this university can be seen in wide range of educational courses provided to the student The infrastructure of the university is so close to home that attracts the students to learn over here with high level of flexibility High quality professors of this university provide five star teaching to the university Integrated work related learning and professional training to the student The university uses new and modern technologies towards providing quality learning Overseas reaching of the university increases the number of students (Das 2015) 3.2 Weakness Limited resources and staff and faculty development Lack of adequate books in the online library of the university Unequal and high workload on the staffs High competition in diversified staff and faculty market Adjustment to the pressure for growth makes students tired (Ayub et al. 2013) 4.0 External Analysis 4.1 Opportunities and Threats Opportunities Overseas reach of the university increases the market scope of the University Partnership for supporting the initiatives of the University Growing demand for graduates in all over the world Technological advancement increases the number of students Interest in expanding cultural activities in the society (Rios 2014) Threats High competition among the universities Shifting of focus on qualitative achievement from numerical achievement in term of measuring learning quality The perception of society and student regarding the education is only to get a job State budget crisis may limit the educational program to be initiated in the university (Prezelj 2015) 5.0 Porters Six Force 5.1 Threats of new entrants Threats of new entrants for this university seem to be low since there are many scopes for getting the support of government legislation and huge students in Australia. Many new learning courses are available in newly established universities. However, it is very tough for the new universities to compete with University of the Sunshine Coast in terms of providing wide variety of learning courses (Dobbs 2014). Furthermore, it can be found that Charles Darwin University and Torrens University Australia are the two universities of Australia are also providing numerous numbers of courses for competing with other universities. 5.2 Threats of substitutes Threats of substitutes are high for this university. Lower cost alternatives in terms of educational courses are regarded as the substitute products for this university. Many universities provide distance-learning courses in Australia for which the students do not have to go for university campus (Hamel and Prahalad 2013). Existing and emerging certified learning programs can also be assumed as threats of the university. 5.3 Bargaining power of buyers Due to numerous numbers of universities in Australia, the students can choose their university according to their preferences. The switching cost of the students is low because of greater scope of choices among the universities. 5.4 Bargaining power of suppliers Bargaining powers of the suppliers seem to be high for this University. The book publishers and technology service providers have many opportunities to provide their service due to numerous numbers universities in Australia (Grnig and Khn 2015). The suppliers have also high power in regards to provide high quality professors, administrators and researchers. 5.5 Rivalry between competitors Educational industry is in Australia is highly competitive with lots of universities. Rivalry among the university causes in price discounting, advertising campaign, service improvement and introduction of new learning courses. The main competitors of this University are Bond University and Australian Catholic University (Voss and Voss 2013). These universities have incorporated many new kinds of learning process for societal development. 5.5 Relative Power of other Stakeholders Supportive educational policies of Australia encourage all the student of Australia to persuade higher education. Strong economy of the country leads the people to choose professional courses for entering in corporate sectors. Emerging trends of Australian people to develop their life leads them to persuade various learning courses (Bao et al. 2015). All these factors are positively influencing the university towards its growth. Figure 1: Porters Five-Force Model (Source: Chakrabarti 2014) 6.0 PESTLE analysis 6.1 Political Factor Stable political environment encourages the enthusiasm of the University in providing consistent quality learning to the students. Minimum tax policies imposed on the universities has facilitated this university in saving cost (Oh, Cho and Kim 2015). This savings are used by the university in developing its infrastructure. 6.2 Economic Factor Economic growth rate of the country has led the central government to fund in the university that has improved the financial condition of the university. Monetary policy of the country increases price stability and reduces the cost of raw materials to be incorporated in the university (Chari et al. 2014). 6.3 Social Factor Modern trends of people in leading their life tends to adopt various new learning processes that enhance their quality of life. Changes in the organizations to hire employees with high valued qualification seem to an opportunity to the university, in proving quality-learning process (Hamel and Prahalad 2013). 6.4 Technological Factor The university use modern technologies for proving quality learning to the students. IT help desk provided by the university helps the students in getting instant helps through online channels from anywhere they want (Voss and Voss 2013). Apart from that, the university provides 24 hours Wi-Fi servicenamely "eduroam" to the students that facilitate them in accessing online information regarding education easily. 6.5 Legal Factor The university follows all the rule and regulation of Australian Government for providing right employment practice in the university. In order to protect the health of the employees, the university maintains all health related rules and provide flexible working hours (Prezel 2015). 6.6 Environmental Factor The university maintains environmentally sustainable strategy for protecting the environment. Water Refill Campus program of this university provide several other option to the student for which they do not have to buy bottled water (Chakrabarti 2014). In this way, it has reduced the usage of plastic bottle and minimized the wastage of landfill. Figure 2: PESTLE Analysis (Sources:) 7.0 SWOT Analysis 7.1 Strategies to use strength in pursuing opportunities In order to provide high quality of education, the organization uses modern technology through which the student can get high-level of educational information. The strategy of expanding in the overseas market has increased the chance of the university in making partnership with worldwide universities (Chakrabarti and Sahoo 2014). 7.2 Strategies to overcome weakness The university should practice proper leadership program for minimizing unequal workload of the staff so that they can be supportive to the students. Apart from that, the university should get source more number of suppliers of raw materials in terms of books and technology for improving education in overseas level (Zott and Amit 2013). 7.3 Strategies to use strength for minimizing threats Integrated work related learning provided by the university would positively influence the perception of people, as it will greatly help in getting jobs in the corporate organization. Diversified courses provided by the university will enhance the ability of the university in competing with other universities (Rios 2014). 7.4 Strategies to overcome weakness in minimizing threats Effective training and development program should be provided to the staff and faculties of the university so that they can provide high quality education to the student. It will enhance the ability of the university to compete with other university through competitive learning programs (Zott and Amit 2013). 8.0 Business Level Strategy The university offers affordable course fees that make all kinds of students to persuade these courses. The university provides wide range of learning courses including arts, science, health, engineering, humanities and social science and laws. These wide ranges of learning courses bring competitive advantage to this university over their competitors. The university sources high quality staff and faculties, who are able to provide quality learning to the university. The university uses effective promotional strategy to promoting their learning courses. The university uses mass media channels like TV and newspaper and radio for reaching to the student in short period of time (Dobbs 2014). Apart from that, the university also uses social media network that enhances the ability of the university promote their education to in an effective way. The university can also get the experience of various students for with social media channel. The globalization of this university can be seen in sourcing of materials related to the education and placing the student in international companies. 9.0 Corporate Level Strategy Corporate level strategy of this university can be seen in making value of the learning courses for attracting more numbers of students. The university provides courses learning under two categories namely art and science. Apart from that, the university also provides law, humanity and social science courses that help the students in developing the student in other educational areas apart from traditional ways (Grnig and Khn 2015). Value neutral strategies of the university can be seen in allocating resources in right way and amount for enhancing the quality of the education. The organization sources their material like books and technology from foreign market. On the other hand, the university also places their students in international organization that enhances their career development scope. The university also minimizes discrimination among the students and incorporate disable students in their university that can be regarded as diversification strategy of the university (Hamel and Prahalad 2013). 10.0 3 Functional level Strategy The functional level strategies are implemented to create the backup plan for any activity done at the workplace. It is an area of the operational management that is used to make a discipline within the organization. The functional level strategy the university means that the university has developed the strategy for building the modern library and attracting the students. The functional strategy of the university is to develop the competitive advantage to build the more modern libraries. The aim of the functional strategy of the sunshine coast university is to develop the competitive advantage in terms of perceiving the importance by management and to perceive the actual impact on organizational performance in Australian manufacturing companies. The second functional strategy is to consider the all the factors of the university. The main strategy is to inspect the factors such as the research and the development and the human resources factors so that the result of the research can include the findings that the functional strategies are preferred by Australian manufacturers. It is noted that a mix of functional strategies was beneficial for performance of the university task (Lenehan et al 2015). To provide an integrality inn the functions is also a functional activity of this university. To improve the total quality management is also an appropriate strategy for improvement of competitiveness given the need for a holistic approach. The functional strategy is to improve the management of the information assets of the university. This functional strategy was developed after conduction of many workshops such as research, administration and applications. The functional strategy of the university of Sunshine coast is to provide the best educational experience to the local students so the management of the university used the different programs such as improve the infrastructure and the study programs by appointing the experienced faculties and by improving the values in action. Too improve the values in actions such as scholarship and providing a social justice to the students are the functional strategies of the University of the Sunshine Coast (Salmon et al 2016). 11.0 Organizational Structure, control system and culture The organizational structure of this university can be seen as hierarchical. The board of directors of this university sets the policies for the university. The marketing manager of the university controls the marketing executives for promotional activities and interacting with the customers. Apart from that, all the financial staffs work under financial managers for properly allocating organizational resources for its proper uses (Voss and Voss 2013). Al the courses of the university have a head of the department and the faculties of each of the department have to follow the instruction of the respective head of the department. There are some IT managers, who are responsible for taking care of technological department and repairing the technological fault faced by the university. The board of directors set policies, which the other members of the university have to follow for balancing between the educational quality and cost of the university. The marketing manager will have their target in sourcing the student for taking admission in the university. The faculties of the university have one set of measurement that they have to meet in proving quality education of the university (Chakrabarti 2014). It facilitates the university in providing consistent high quality education. The financial manager also set a specific budget that the university should maintain in keeping balance of the cost of the university. The organizational culture of the University can be as open culture where the entire employees are able to work in collaboration with each other. Low-level employees are able in easily interacting with high-level management. The leaders of this university are running transformational leadership approach. The faculties of the university are able to participate in decision-making process where they can share their view in regards to the educational system to be incorporated in the university (Bao et al. 2015). Thus, the faculty member becomes encouraged in proving high quality education to the students. This is because their views and values are regarded in the university process. The leaders of the university are supportive and sympathetic to the employees of the organization that make them to work in the workplace happily through increasing the quality of learning process. 12.0 Financial analysis As a part of internal analysis, financial analysis has been taking key financial data and financial ratios from the annual report of University of sunshine coast. 2015 2014 Extract of Income Statement Budget Actual variance Actual Variance $'000 $'000 % $'000 % Revenue from continuing operation 201607 215774 1 215370 0 Less: Expenses due to continuing operation 189128 200618 3 176834 13 Surplus/(Deficit) after tax 12479 15156 -18 38536 -61 Gain/(Loss)on revaluation of fixed asset 0 19705 100 28316 2637 Surplus attributable to share holders 12479 34861 89 66852 -48 Extract of financial position Current Asset 85250 67566 10 83862 -19 Non-Current Asset 247748 310463 4 257493 21 (a)Total asset 332998 378029 341355 Current Liability 28733 28971 19 25494 14 Non-current Liability 12607 12825 -7 14490 -11 (b)Total Liability 41340 41796 39984 Net asset(a-b) 291658 336233 5% 301371 12% Reserve 83027 116639 19 96934 20 Retained surplus 208631 219563 -1 204437 7 Total Equity/Net asset 291658 336202 301371 Table 1: Financial Data (Source: Stahl et al 2012) From the above table 1, it can be understood and analysis can be made on whether University of sunshine coast has been able to meet its target set for the year 2015 and whether its performance level has increased or decreased from previous year i.e. 2014 (Jansen, Ramnath and Yohn 2012). The above financial data gives an overview of the standing of University of sunshine coast among other educational institute and universities. It can be seen that revenue from operation for the year 2015 has increased from its budgeted figures as it has a positive variance of 1%. Whereas it is almost same compared to previous year i.e. 2014, which must be a worrying factor for the trustee and management of University of sunshine coast since it may result in no growth for the university (Stahl et al 2012). Management must take steps to increase its revenue in future years. On the other hand, expenditure has increased by 3% in comparison with 1% increase in revenue for the year 2015, which is not at all a good sign from the view point of University of sunshine coast. The management of sunshine coast must take measure to control its operating expenses (Shih et al. 2014). Expenses have also increased from previous year 2014 by $ 23784 (200618-176834) whereas revenue has remained stagnant which show a negative influence on the financial position of University of sunshine coast. Surplus has increased from its budgeted by 89% for the year 2015 which is a very good sign but at the same time it has decreased from previous year 2014 by $ 31991 (66852-34861) which is a bit worrying factor for the management (Wu et al. 2015). The management should try to reduce its cost to increase its surplus and at the same time take initiatives to increase its revenue. Calculation of various ratios from the above data is given below which will give an insight view of the financial position and standing of University of sunshine coast. 2014 2014 Ratios Budgeted Actual Remarks Actual Surplus Margin (Surplus/Revenue*100) 6.19% 7.02% Increased from budgeted 17.89% Liquidity ratio or Current ratio (Current asset/current liability) 2.97 2.33 Decreased from budgeted 3.29 Return on equity (ROE) (Surplus/Equity*100) 4.28% 4.51% Increased from budgeted 12.79% Return on Asset (Surplus/Total asset*100) 3.75% 4.01% Increased from budgeted 11.29% Asset Turnover (Revenue/Total Asset) 0.61 0.57 Decreased from budgeted 0.63 Table 2: Ratio Analysis (Source: Heikal, Khaddafi and Ummah 2014) From the above Table 2, it can be seen that surplus margin has increased by 0.83% from the budgeted for the year 2015, which is a good sign. However, at the same time it has it has decreased by almost 10% from previous year 2014, which is a huge worrying factor for the trustee and management of University of sunshine coast (Pratiwi and Nuswandari 2016). Liquidity ratio of sunshine coast has decreased from its budgeted but it is well above 1 which is a promising from the view point of its stakeholders i.e. the asset of University of sunshine coast is well enough to meet all its liabilities in case of any emergency (Heikal, Khaddafi and Ummah 2014). Though its liquidity ratio has decreased from previous year it is not a worrying fact for now but the management must make sure that it does not fall below and become lower than 1. ROE has increased from its budgeted by 0.23% which shows that the surplus available to its shareholder is increasing which will boost their belief on the management of University of sunshine coast. However, it has decreased by almost 8% from its previous year, which is a worrying factor for management as well as trustee (Jansen, Ramnath and Yohn 2012). Return on asset, though increased from its budgeted in 2015 has decreased by almost 7% from 2014, which is not at all a good sign for Sunshine coast. Asset turnover for 2015 has decreased from both its budgeted and 2014, which is a worrying factor for management since higher the asset turnover ratio the better the position of the university as its asset are being used efficiently (Dewi 2016). 12.0 Miscellaneous 12.1 Impacts of the technology: There was a technology named the enthusiastic implemented for the planning to give the access for their own e-portfolio to the staff and the students of the university that may cause of the award winning. The students of the university won the award for this technology usage. The professor of the university won the platinum award for the advancement of learning and teaching technology implementation (Coolbear 2014). 12.2 Competitive Markets of university of Sunshine Coast: For the growth of the university, there are various strategy implemented by the management of the university. There is a high competition in the universities for the various study programs. Various universities such as Cambridge and oxford are the main competitors of this university but this university provides the degree for the student that the students can work in any industry (Ross et al 2015). 12. 3Globalization strategy: The globalization strategy of this university is the ability to create and maintain the best logistics and distributed networks. It is an important ingredient in the success of this world leading university of Sunshine coast. A text has been designed to help the students and the staff of the university to keep the pace with the global departments in the supply chain management and for the future planning of work (Simon et al 2015). 13.0 Process Reflection Strategic management of organizations can be regarded as taking bundle of decision taken by the managers in achieving better performance and creating competitive advantage over the university. SWOT analysis of this university is regarded as the internal environment like strength and weakness and external environment like opportunity and threats of the university. Porters Six force analyses the external environment that affects the university in terms of threats of new entrants, threats of substitute, rivalry, bargaining power of buyers and bargaining power of suppliers. Business level strategy of this university can be seen in creating unique value to the students for creating competitive advantage over the competitors. The business level strategy can be seen in providing diversified courses and affordable course fees. 14.0 Conclusion While concluding the study, it can be said that University of the Sunshine Coast is a renowned university of Australia that provides wide range of diversified learning courses to the students. The strength of the university can be seen in high quality staff and diversified learning process. However, the university has not any program for developing the staffs and faculties in providing learning to the students. The organization faces tough competition from University Bond University and Australian Catholic University, who are able to provide wide variety of learning courses including social development program. Business level strategy of the university can be seen in providing wide range of learning courses and affordable course fees for the students. The technological advancement of can be seen in proving IT help desk for helping student all the times. 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